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Ceramic Paint Protection 

Professional Detailing and Ceramic Paint Protection Vehicle Appearance Specialist 

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Unprecedented, unmatched , unrivaled ceramic coating package.

Taking our ceramic coating package's to the next level of client care and satisfaction.

All our motor vehicle ceramic coating package's will include a free of charge exterior safe wash and inspection of your coating.

4 times a year...every 3 months you can visit our workshop and have your vehicle safe washed and inspected.

Normally £17.00 

For as long as you are still the owner of the vehicle...the package lasts for 5 years the duration of your ceramic coating.

A genuine offer from our genuine family run buisness

Carried out at our workshop...whilst you wait.
Tea coffee/cold drinks and Wifi.

Hot snowfoam prewash applied.
Alloys wheels hot washed  cleaned. 
2 bucket method safe wash wool mitts.
Soft dry with plush towels.


This is an invitation only accreditation that I'm delighted to have other ceramic coating is quite like this one. The very best of the best in my opinion. No main stream ceramic coating is quite like this one from the industry giants Feynlab UK. We have completed a rigorous amount of training for the world class products. Very tough and tricky to apply. The coating is made up of 4 parts. Those 4 parts...that need an infared drying process. This then creates witchcraft total magic in the form of self-healing paintwork. Feynlab Self-heal plus is the most advanced Nano coating available in automotive surface care...adding 6-7 microns of protection. Once heated via Sun, hot water or heat gun the ceramic polymer matrix will reset and disappear.

Ceramic paint protection includes a full machine polish and detail before the application of the coatings
Ceramic paint protection offers the following benefits.

Offers the following benefits.

  • Extremely glossy

  • Protection against bird poo etching and tree sap

  • Resistance to bugs flies and UV rays

  • Resistance against washing scratches and light swirls

  • Makes your vehicle far easier to clean

  • Your vehicle stays cleaner for longer


KISHO Premium Ceramic Coating
From only £550

Every KISHO Premium Ceramic Coating system offers up 60 MONTHS of next-level exterior protection for vehicles. KISHO Premium Ceramic Coatings are applied in stages directly to your vehicle’s painted finish. The results are damage resistant, ultra-glossy ceramic surfaces that keep your paintwork protected for years. Read more about the features below.

Recommended for colour finishes. The very best of our Stage 02 coating range. Si-901 is provides a durable but flexible ceramic coat to the treated vehicle, ensuring the highest possible damage-resistance without any risk of cracking. This crystalline 3D glass coating is extremely glossy and water repellent, making cleaning easy. Applied correctly, Si-901 will protect paintwork for up to 5 years per application.


Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light
From only £650

Includes the detail/single stage machine polish.

Crystal Serum Light is the new nano-ceramic sealant from Gtechniq.

Based on the Crystal Serum, Gtechniq's flagship coating.

Crystal Serum Light forms strong chemical bonds with paintwork to provide significant resistance to wash-induced swirls. It also provides an impressive resilience to extremes of pH, such as those found in some car wash products, traffic film removers, industrial fallout and environmental factors.

Crystal Serum Light provides exceptional levels of gloss, but for added reflectivity and unbeatable water-beading, finish with a layer of Gtechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating.


System X 
From only £900

9H Accredited only top tier ceramic coating from £900 includes the detail/single stage machine polish.

System X is a semi-permanent coating that actually becomes the functional surface of your vehicle’s paintwork. By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork, you get a coating that cannot be washed off like a wax or sealant. System X Pro is a super-slick, super-hydrophobic ceramic coating for automotive paint. Pro is a semi-permanent, 9H, self-cleaning ceramic coating with high gloss.

System X has passed rigorous Boeing approval testing and has been evaluated for hardness as well as alkali and salt resistance by SGS. This ensures Pro is 100% safe for your paint, adheres on a molecular level, and withstands tough environmental conditions.

System X  comes with a lifetime warranty on vehicles when installed by an accredited installation center

Automotive ceramic coatings represent a revolutionary advancement in paint protection. An exclusive, permanent ceramic coating which imparts a color enhancing gloss while protecting exterior surfaces up to the Lifetime of your car.

System X® creates a brilliant new clear coat over your paintwork. Appearing as if your car was dipped in glass, this new surface is ultra hydrophobic, slicker, and glossier then the original clear coat.


From only £1200

FEYNLAB® HEAL LITE is the solution for hard to maintain dark colored automotive vehicles. With HEAL LITE, washed induced love marks and other light scratches will quickly vanish when the panel is heated by the sun.


HEAL LITE is a single-step ultra durable coating with excellent UV protection, extreme hydrophobic properties, and contains up to 60% of the healing capability of FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS.

HEAL LITE was developed with darker colored automotive finishes in mind. Particularly non metallic vehicles which easily reveal most paint defects such as swirl marks and other micro defects.

In addition to the impressive Self Healing Capabilities, HEAL LITE contains hearty UV resistance, rugged chemical protection, Very High Gloss, and the Superb Hydrophobic Properties that FEYNLAB® coatings are engineered and known for in real world conditions.

To activate healing: simply park the vehicle in direct sun where the temperature is 30°C (85°F) or higher and the Ceramic Polymer Matrix will reset.

Product Benefits:
Over the life of the product, a car coated in FEYNLAB® HEAL LITE will show significantly less swirl marks and marring than other professional ceramic nano coatings on the market (except for FEYNLAB® SELF-HEAL PLUS) due to the recovery properties of the coating.

HEAL LITE contains the same chemistry found in FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS (60% healing capabilities), and has similar physical properties such as; excellent UV & chemical resistance, brilliant gloss, and excellent water sheeting (hydrophobic) properties.

The mechanism behind the self healing effect is a memory polymer woven into a ceramic backbone. When heated, the polymer returns to its original state causing the self leveling effect to occur.

FEYNLAB’s true nano technology and bonding chemistry allows for an unparalleled level of protection since the formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available.


From only £1600

FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS is the thickest and most advanced ceramic coating available in vehicle surface care. When heated above 140°F (60°C) fine scratches and micro swirls vanish and only a smooth super glossy surface remains!

In addition to the self-healing properties HEAL PLUS adds a super thick, durable, chemical, and UV-resistant layer to painted surfaces, keeping vehicles looking their best for the long term.


HEAL PLUS is by far the thickest coating (when IR cured) currently offered on the market, measuring up to 10 microns (with a mean thickness of ~5 microns) with a single application and up to 15 microns when layered appropriately.

FEYNLAB’s® true ceramic technology and bonding chemistry allow for an unparalleled level of protection since the formula penetrates further into the existing paint structure than anything else available.

Ridiculous Gloss. Extreme Slickness. Outstanding UV & Chemical Resistance. Lasting Protection. Superior self-cleaning properties are a few of the key features that separate FEYNLAB® HEAL PLUS from anything else currently on the market.

The mechanism behind the healing effect involves using nano-scale magnets on the end of the ceramic chains, that when heated vibrate at very high frequency causing the ultimate self-leveling effect to occur. It does not turn into a liquid when it heals, but rather a type of superfluid (solid with fluidic properties).


Carpro Leather & Vinyl

Even protects against superglue and ink spills 

CQuartz Leather & Vinyl is the ultimate in protection for both leather and vinyl surfaces throughout your vehicle! Our new high tech formula was created using only the highest quality ingredients available and offers a beautiful “better than new” finish with no added gloss! It was designed to provide an excellent combination of soft to the touch tactile feel, extreme protection, and unbelievable durability. CQuartz Leather & Vinyl was specifically developed to resist stains, dirt, jean dye transfer, and UV rays for years to come. Maintenance of your interior surfaces becomes as simple as wiping with a damp towel and walking away!

CQuartz Leather & Vinyl has been tested against a variety of chemicals and conditions including mud, grease, dye transfer, crayons, and even super glue! CQuartz Leather & Vinyl does NOT fade or yellow in extreme UV and protects the existing materials with UV inhibitors integrated into the formula to provide the ultimate in UV protection as well. Protect your interior to the same degree you protect your paint with CQuartz Leather & Vinyl coating!

Features and Specifications:

  • Durability: 1 to 2 years

  • Resists dye transfer

  • Hydrophobic & Oil Phobic

  • Stain resistant

  • Chemical resistant

  • UV resistant

  • "Easy clean" effect

  • Preserves color and resists fading

Alloy Faces Coated

from £75.00


Glass Protection

from £50.00




from £150.00


Alloys Removed

& Fully Coated 

from £200.00

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