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New Car Paint Protection Detail

Our New Car Paint Protection Detail here at MK Prodetail consists of us machine polishing and preparing the paintwork before applying the Ceramic Coating or which provides from 2 years up to 5 years plus paintwork.

 The Ceramic Paint Coating Protection will become the new outer protective surface of your vehicles paintwork and will protect your vehicle from light scratches and etching etc etc see our ceramic coating page for more details 

Dealerships offer New Car Protection Treatments as part of the original sale of the car, it’s just one of the many options buyers are presented with. It may seem like a good idea at the time, however, it’s worth bearing in mind the key objectives of the dealership: to make money selling as many cars as possible, upselling and cross-selling wherever possible. Their primary focus isn’t on the aftercare of the vehicle and their expertise is not within the coatings market. Furthermore, given their primary objective, are they likely to select a coating based on performance characteristics and longevity? Or is it more likely they’ll select a coating based on cost-effectiveness and speed of application?

The on site cleaner has little time to prepare the vehicle how it should be done, in fact stories of under 1 hour are told ,use google it unfolds some dealership horror stories

When a new car arrives at a dealership, the protective films, foam guards and identifying stickers are removed and the car washed and dried, ready for collection. As a consequence of all this hurried activity, often paintwork becomes scratched and swirled. Sometimes, the vehicle is prepared by polishing with a light abrasive containing fillers to mask any imperfections. If the dealership protection package has been purchased, the coating will be applied over the top of the filler polish, as quickly as possible to make room for the next vehicle. This means the imperfections are sealed beneath the coating. The coating won’t bond properly with filler polish and therefore won’t last as long. As a buyer who has purchased a New Car Protection Treatment, typically at a cost of £500 or more, specifically for the long-term protection benefits it offers, this is not ideal!.

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