Detailing & Valeting Training

Detailing & Valeting Training Available  

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Darren's being an all rounder in the valeting and detailing world, Darren has trained hundreds of valeters and detailers since 1985.

He's many years experience in the valeting and detailing trade allow a potential trainee to tap in to. 

Darren can teach you the complete package.


Our training courses are designed around you, the learner, to give all the information needed to complete a task at hand. after leaving Darren and his training class you will be able to go out and charge a client for your services...we make you a business man not an artist.

  Our knowledges transferred to you to build on, so you understand not only how, but why techniques work.

We teach you the best and quickest way possible to learn.

you might have see different detailers claiming 6 7 or 10 stages of polishing...this in fact is not necessary.

in reality 3 stage is a maximum and 2 stages the normal!!

Some of the detailing we can offer:

  • Ceramic Paint Protection

  • Motorbike detailing

  • Machine polishing 

  • Valeting

  • Headlight restoration 

  • Stone chip repair 

  • Convertible roof cleaning 

  • SEO and Social media training 

  • Complete packages available including full van setups 

We can offer our clients complete advice and knowledge of main dealer valeting and the in depth requirements to successfully run a main dealer valeting operation   

We wont give and gold stars or gold certificates, we simply offer brilliant 1 on 1 training  

Machine Polishing Course

Detailing for professionals course is ideal for those who have never needed to pick up a machine before.

Machines covered on these days will include

The brilliant Rupes millie the flex the rules DA.

For those already holding some experience who want to try their hand with the rotary polisher we can cater for your needs.



  • Surface defects and contamination.

  • Efficiency and productivity methods.

  • Preparation and decontamination stages.

  • Defect identification.

  • Paint thickness measurements using Current and Ultrasonic gauges.

  • Introduction to Pad and Compound types and selection.

  • Finishing techniques.

  • Dressing, Sealant/Wax choices and presentation.



Wet sanding is not for the faint hearted this skill which can be used to perfect and rectify the harshest repairable damage and imperfect paintwork. 

Tools from electric and pneumatic sanders, specialist tools and compounds, you will work through the day to perfect a series of ever more challenging panels under the watchful eye of Darren to guide and demonstrate every step. Which can bring high end jobs to your skill set

we used hand sanding techniques and machines.