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Terms & Conditions

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Please be advised.
These free of charge inspection washes are 
A basic safe wash and inspection.
So if your vehicle has:

  • Road tar 

  • Tree sap 

  • Industrial fallout 

  • Scratches 

  • Fence paint 

  • Etc etc 

These items are not removed via our free of charge inspection washes.

We safe wash the vehicle...then advise the client as to the condition of vehicle or bike.

Our appointment times are strictly sharp.
Please don't be late as late appointments can affect the rest of our diary.


The company Mkprodetail reserves the right at any time to change the location of the service of out Free of charge washes.


Please make sure that your vehicle is in a safe area with enough room for us to operate around it.




Please give us as much prior notice as possible in the event that you need to cancel your appointment.

A 50% charge of the booked appointment price will apply if we do not receive at least 48 hours notice.

instances where we turn up to find the vehicle unavailable or you have forgotten your appointment.

In the unlikely event that your appointment has to be delayed or cancelled by us, we will contact you as soon as possible.

We will not be held liable for any consequential losses resulting from such delay or cancellation.




If you have an undercover area or suitable garage, we can still valet your vehicle, additionally, if you have a 6m x 3m space free we can set up our gazebo and continue work. We will contact you by phone to confirm cancellation and to re-schedule a more suitable appointment if required.




If you have booked a service, please remove all your personal belongings, or put them in a bag away from the vehicle prior to my arrival




The Engine Bay can be cleaned at your request and your risk. please check with your dealer to ensure that your vehicle engine and all ancillary components are safe to clean and advise us of any alarms, immobilizers or other electronic components fitted, prior to the commencement of the cleaning process.




Child seats must be refitted by you, we will NOT be able to re-fit child seats under any circumstances.




We have full liability Insurance cover up to £2,000,000.



We will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle arising from ill-fitting trim, loose or faulty parts, door mirrors held on with tape, etc.

Any paintwork that might be in poor condition like lacquer peeling or large stone chips, we can not be held responsible for damage occurring


ensure you make me aware of any potential problems or damage before we start the valet.

***You may request an Inspection Sheet prior to a service.***


Payment can be made by cash or debit/credit card.


PPF disclaimer.


Hello! Thank you for the opportunity to serve you by installing Paint Protection Film (PPF, clear bra) on your vehicle, and Ceramic  coating (if you would like us to). This form is used to provide some explanations of services, and what you can expect. Please take a moment to read this over. 



1. Your new protective film will take 3-4 weeks to fully dry. Do not wash the vehicle for the first 5 days, and always keep a pressure washer 3 feet away from the film when washing.


2. Paint Protection Film / Clear Bra carries a 10+ year warranty. This warranty does not cover extreme abuse, or accidents, or from debris. Yes, this film will protect from most rock chips.


There is a chance that a sharp enough object traveling at a high enough speed could "chip" the paint protection film (this goes for any type of clear bra, even the thickest of PPF.


3. The vehicle should not already have an existing ceramic coating on the paint. If there is a currently working coating on the paint we can make every effort to remove it first, BUT we cannot guarantee that it will not lift in certain places.


The design of PPF is meant specifically for factory paint, and since custom paint jobs cannot ever be guaranteed, nor guaranteed to get all ceramic coating off, we cannot warranty work that is not done on these surfaces.


4. PPF is to prevent your vehicle from future paint damage. Please note that current chips will appear as PPF imperfections if we install PPF over them.


5. We install most paint protection film by using computer software (except bonnets, which we usually bulk install or otherwise known as custom installation). As such, there will be slight seams in certain areas that are unavoidable.


We make every attempt to make the installation as seamless as possible, but sometimes it happens. This is more noticeable on matte finish wraps and white/light color vehicles. On lighter vehicles, the seam will be more evident .


Dirt will eventually build up on the seam. It can be carefully maintained and cleaned, but there is no guarantee. You may clean these surfaces lightly with a toothbrush. Ceramic coatings will help make cleanup easier.


6. On certain installations we may have to remove badging or other parts of the car to provide the best experience for you. For example, doing a full vehicle wrap or a wrap on the hood usually requires us to remove the hood emblem.


The customer is responsible for the cost to replace the badge, if, for some reason, it is a one-time use by the manufacturer. All attempts will be made to retain all OEM badges and lettering, unless the customer wishes otherwise.


We make every attempt to NOT remove badging unless absolutely necessary or requested. Many emblems and decals are on back order.


7. Imperfections. We strive for perfection in our installations, but due to the nature of covering an entire vehicle in a sticky film, it is possible to get some degree of dust contamination or other debris under the film while installing.


We attempt to take every precaution possible to make a near perfect install. We will not allow it to leave if we would not be satisfied on our own vehicle.



8. There are special considerations for the following vehicles or circumstances (we will speak to you about these, in depth) regarding a price increase.


Range Rovers, Jeep Wranglers, Audi RS, G Wagons, vehicles with racing stripes, Mustang GT350R/GT500, 72" hoods, MKV Supras, C8 Corvettes, Alfa Romeo 4Cs.



9. Non Factory Paint. HHCC cannot be held liable for non-factory paint, as it is often improperly prepped and may lift. This includes non-factory paint such as dealership touchups prior to delivery.


Paint will not lift if it has not been repainted in some fashion, although we may not always know if this work is done prior to customer delivery or if it is a used vehicle. We will make every attempt to identify if a vehicle has been repainted.



10. We have stopped putting clear bra on headlights as part of our packages. There is a risk on some newer headlights which can delaminate the coating.


We are confident that there is a greater risk of this issue than damaging your headlight with a rock chip.



11. On our full body PPF jobs we cover almost every surface. There are some surfaces that may not be suitable for PPF (textured surfaces, some trivial accent pieces that aren’t facing forward), etc. This is not to save money on our end.


This is mainly due to us not wanting inconsequential pieces lifting or causing issues in the future for you.



12. You may notice some “relief” cuts in certain areas. Unfortunately, PPF has difficultly bending/stretching over certain areas.

13. Paint protection film needs to be cleand and looked after with great care.
Whilist jet washing, be aware that areas are likely to lift if a jetwash is used incorrectly, i.e., held to close to the paint protection film.

Using untrained ,unprofessional  roadside car washes or untrained individuals are likely to cause lifting issues to the paint protection film.

Please note Mkprodetail will not be held responsible for such issues and will void any warranty

14. We can’t be held responsible for any damaged noticed once the vehicle has left our premises.

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